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Meet Tibbeke Dieckmann, Head of People & Culture at Nitrobox

We sat down with our HR and Culture Director Tibbeke to talk about Nitrobox, her role, and a little bit about herself.


Why did you decide to work at Nitrobox and why the FinTech industry?

I take it as a good sign when founders decide to bring an expert on board for their people & culture issues early on. This shows me that employees have a high value at a company. And that’s the only way I can do a decent job in my role.

Why Fin-Tech? It’s certainly an industry with incredible growth due to digitalization, but even more important in my decision were the founding team, the potential, and the mindset to achieve something together.


What freedoms do you value most at Nitrobox?

In terms of projects, we have great freedom in choosing and working on topics.  The management is very open and grateful when you venture into new territory, as long as there is added value for Nitrobox. Over the course of time, we have learned that you also have to give these freedoms certain guard rails. We now do this in the form of clearly defined corporate goals, which are to be reflected in the respective teams and their to-dos.

The People Team was just able to introduce NitroboxFlex, giving shape to our hybrid working model that we have been living for 2 years. It’s another step towards being a modern, responsible employer. For me, it’s always great to have created a new and meaningful standard – one of the outstanding advantages of working in a start-up: you push a project forward, and afterward, you see it’s brought you and the company a step further. It’s a great feeling!


Out of work: 

What is your morning routine before you start working?

First, I make sure that I get my kids out of the house on time and with breakfast, and then it’s straight to the desk or the office – depending on what’s going on. A latte macchiato prepared with love is a must, and then I look forward to the calm after the morning storm and my colleagues.


What does your perfect day off look like?

Warm and sunny.


How do you clear your head after a day at work?

That’s not hard for me at all, because I’m usually already bothered with so many topics from my family on the way home that I can switch off in a flash. To be honest, I don’t really need to switch off at all, because I like to think about most topics and sometimes the best ideas come to me in the evening.


Do you have a dream that you would like to realize someday?

Actually, I certainly fit the cliché of many Germans: I’d like to have a house in the south, preferably in the south of France, or maybe Mallorca – I don’t know exactly yet, but there’s still so much time.


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