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Nitrobox & Thales Present on Software Monetization and Billing at Industry.forward Expo 2023

Thales and Nitrobox software monetization lecture teaser for industry forward expo 2023
17 - 27 October 2023

Free Expert Lecture: Still just selling and not packaging your software? How to efficiently monetize and invoice software products.

Join Nitrobox and our Partners at Thales as we present a free lecture on how to monetize and bill complex software like subscriptions, pay-per-use, and hybrid models. 


(This is a German-speaking Lecture) When it comes to turning complex software products into profitable ventures, many companies encounter obstacles when establishing an efficient and independent monetization and billing process

In this presentation, we demonstrate proven solutions for monetization and billing, using real-world examples, that can enhance the flexibility of your software products and help you overcome common obstacles. By doing so, your business can achieve a higher degree of adaptability, efficiency, and growth. You will learn how these approaches can assist you in achieving several key goals, including:

  • Rapid Deployment and Responsiveness: Speed up the process of getting your software up and running while staying responsive to changing demands.
  • Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization: Find ways to reduce costs and make the most efficient use of your resources.
  • Scalability and Growth: Prepare your software solutions for future growth and expansion opportunities.

Our presentation will be focused on providing value and insights for product leaders, product owners, and anyone involved in monetizing a software product. Join us to discover how these strategies can help propel your business to the next level. 

When: Our lecture is on October 26th 10:00 – 10:30am. The Expo itself runs 17 – 27 October 2023. 

Where:  Fully digital web-based lecture. 

Where to register: Industry.forward Expo,and here is the full Industry Forward Expo seminar agenda.

Industry Forward Expo yearly theme: Technology, change, future – smart solutions for the manufacturing industry

What is the Industry Forward Expo? From their site:  INDUSTRY.forward EXPO is the digital festival of the manufacturing industry. The core of the festival is a high-quality technical conference program with mind openers, keynote presentations, and tech sessions for operators, thematic meeting points for learning, benchmarking, and networking.

Who this event is for: The overall expo is for anyone interested in the topics of fintech, digital identity, payments, retail, e-commerce, digital banking, merchant payments, and more.

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