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Contract management for sophisticated digital business models

Manage all types of contracts within one central platform

Unlimited monetization strategies

In the digital age business models transform from product-centric to multimodal. Therefore, legacy IT has to be connected to modern software technologies such as apps and cloud-based systems.

The Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform evolves with your business ideas and offers a centralized, flexible and agile SaaS technology, that can easily be adapted to your existing systems.

Manage all types of contracts within the Nitrobox Platform – be it one-time purchases, subscription models or usage based contracts – and create new ones within minutes.


Model any monetization strategy with unlimited options

Subscription models

Build and deploy new the subscription models within seconds

Usage based contracts

Offer on-demand and usage-based services to your customers

One-time purchases

Process e-commerce transactions and one-time purchases in real-time

Hybrid models

Combine recurring, usage based and one-time options to new products and offerings.

Contract lifecycle management

Manage contracts from creation to fulfillment. Respond to changes in real-time and manage the whole process in one single platform

Manage contracts from creation to fulfillment

Contract management

Close and control contracts via API and in real time

Up- and downgrades

Manage transition between contracts with flexible rules for up- and downgrades.

Multiple phases

Offer free trials, pre-defined transitions between phases and flexible billing cycles.

Flexible plans and pricing

Create offerings with unlimited pricing options. Set different pricing options such as fixed price, recurring or usage based pricing or dependent on daytime or any other parameter.

Create offerings with flexible pricing schemes

Unlimited pricing options

Combine unlimited pricing options to one plan. One-time, recurring, usage based or any combination

Flexible grouping of options

Build custom offerings grouped by country, time or any individual parameter

Special pricing rules

Set additional pricing rules such as termination fee, volume based fee or any additional fee depending on your use case.