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Financial reporting

Create all the financial reports you need
Go on, knock yourself out!

In today’s world, we need to provide meaningful information to systems, business units or stakeholders. In financial and revenue management, this can become a difficult task due to distributed information, data silos and low accessibility.

With Nitrobox. we can provide easy to access data, create individual reports and reconcile data in other systems, such as the general ledger or business intelligence.

Raw data becomes a solid financial report

Access all the information you need

Reporting becomes a hard nut to crack when data is inaccessible. Nitrobox provides central access to all information via API.

Build custom reports at ease

Need to provide data to the general ledger, business intelligence or a third party? Create individual reports and schedule delivery.

IDOC, JSON, XML or your format

Each system has its language - transform reports to different formats and save on integration work.