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Payment Management

Smart Payment Management with Nitrobox

Accept and process any digital payment method

Individual payment methods, channels and providers per country

Handling huge volumes of microtransactions with ease

Real-time processing of transactions all around the globe

Definition of individual payment processes per business model

The payment methods that your customers love

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Especially in the field of digital commerce today’s customers expect a variety of payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, Amazon Pay or PayPal. Companies that do not adapt to their customers’ requirements are easily discarded, as expectations rise.

Additonal IT challenges such as huge volumes of (micro)transactions, real time processings, different currencies and individual payment providers per country push traditional IT systems to their limits.


Automate payment processes at speed

The Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform is your high-performance solution for solving these payments management demands, that drives the digital transformation of your company forward.

The Nitrobox Platform not only enables you to automate and unify your payment processes in one central platform, but delivers excellent experiences to your customers at the same time.


Payment Management

Integrate with any payment provider

Integrate every payment channel or provider (PSP) to manage payments, settle debts or trigger refunds.

Automatic matching of payments

Match millions of payments to debtors and invoices automatically - and create new matching logic on the go.

Collections, triggers and refunds

Automate your payment life cycle and automatically collect, trigger or refund payments.