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Subledger management

The flexible accounting engine for recurring revenue recognition

Subscription business models, usage based billing or complex digital microtransactions require highly automatted revenue recognition and bookings. The Nitrobox accounting engine is designed to adapt to any business logic and use case worldwide. Get rid of time consuming manual tasks by automatting bookings for deductions, payments and refunds, vouchers or multi-currency scenarios.

Model booking rules as individual as your business

In times of ever more complex business models, a standard IT set up is not enough.

You will need a technology that enables you to model and run highly-individual booking cases at speed.

With Nitrobox, we can help you automate every business case in minutes.

Scale up to millions of transactions or debtors at ease

The digital age requires us to rethink the handling of debtors and accounting. Real-time processing, microtransactions or a high number of transactions require new solutions to deal with these challenges.

The Nitrobox platform is built to handle millions of debtors and scale up to several million transactions per hour.

100% automated debtor handling for the digital age

Real-time debtor accounts

Write and access your debtors in one place via REST API (to retrieve, update or change a source).

Side-ledger automation

Set up your automated debtor side-ledger and range of accounts.

Automated deferrals bookings

Model your booking rules and let our technology do the rest.