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Subscription Management

Boost your revenues by creating the subscription offers your customers will love

Build unlimited subscription plans, usage-based or transactional models and manage your subscribers from signup to renewal within one central subscription management software

Score higher customer lifetime value by offering recurring and usage-based products

Achieve faster time-to-market by creating your subscription and bundle offers in minutes

Reduce manual processes through simple automation of subscriber lifecycle management

Unlimited subscription billing strategies

Whether you’re just starting out, expanding and scaling your business, or looking to accelerate your growth, Nitrobox is with you all the way – and evolves with your needs.

Manage all types of offers within the Nitrobox Order to Cash Platform – be it one-time purchases, subscription business models or usage-based contracts – and create new ones within minutes.

image with screenshot of nitrobox subscription management feature

Subscription Plan Management

Reach more customers with the right set of offers and model any monetization strategy with unlimited options

Define standard subscription models and sell them to many customers, create individual plans for each customer and anything in between. Monitor your subscription analytics

Whatever your strategy is Nitrobox enables you to create, customize and manage unlimited plans and products to meet your customers’ needs perfectly. And of course, in real-time and in one single platform.

A mobile telco plan including three options

Design any type and number of pricing options into smart subscription plans

Fixed-price options

Build recurring options with a fixed-price and flexible billing intervals

Usage-based options

Integrate usage-based and pay-per-use services to your subscription plans

One-time options

Add one-time options such as setup fees to your subscription plans

Offer flexible and individual pricing models

Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and so are innovative subscription billing models. Take advantage of this competitive edge and offer flexible and individual pricing models that hit the spot.

Fixed price, usage-based such as volume-based, contingent (stairstep), tiered or any hybrid model – use all these pricing models individually or combine them into smart subscription packages. Whatever your pricing strategy is, Nitrobox bills it for you.



Create offerings with flexible pricing schemes

Unlimited pricing options

Combine unlimited pricing options to one plan. One-time, recurring, usage based or any combination

Flexible grouping of options

Build custom offerings grouped by country, time or any individual parameter

Special pricing rules

Set additional pricing rules such as termination fee, volume-based fee or any additional fee depending on your use case.


Transition between multiple subscription phases with ease

Create competitive offers that attract your customers attention. From trials and discounted periods to flatrates or tiered offers:

Manage any number of subscription phases within your customer contracts and use the advantage of individualizing pricing models according to your strategy. Offering free trials and pre-defined transitions between phases has never been this easy.


Automate the subscriber lifecycle and reduce involuntary churn

Subscriber lifecycle management from sign-ups to up- and downgrades and renewals:

Be agile and keep ahead with Nitrobox. Close and control subscription contracts, automate billing, manage payments, and respond to changes in real-time and manage transitions between contracts in the blink of an eye.

Simple Sign-up

Enable your customers to subscribe from all channels and customer touchpoints via API

Up- and downgrades

Manage transition between contracts with flexible rules for up- and downgrades.

Automated renewals

Prevent unattended churn and revenue leakage