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High-performance software components

Technology is key at Nitrobox. We leverage state-of-the-art architecture, components and programming languages to achieve performance, flexibility and stability. Utilizing technologies such as Spring Boot, Java or MongoDB, our clients get peace of mind when it comes to running their finance processes.

Microservice architecture

When it comes to flexibility in software architecture, microservices are unrivaled. Low dependency, high scalability and distributed operation provide the freedom that companies seek to deal with the challenges of today’s complex financial world.

Application programming interface (API) first approach

When it comes to selecting a new system for your company, IT architecture and development potential is critical. Nitrobox offers easy access and immediate usage for IT departments through our extensive API.

Build, ship and deploy at speed

Putting our trust in the latest DevOps practices, our technology is not only high-performing, but also easy, fast and secure to deploy. Docker containers, Kubernetes cluster or Terraform are the tools of choice for our development and platform operations teams.