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Webinar – Successfully Implementing Subscription Models in Manufacturing

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23 June 2023

This Webinar is in German 


Learn how the Skidata Parking business line rolled out a subscription-based business model in multiple countries in less than 12 months, coming from a traditional one-off model.

Event details

When: 23 June 2023 @ 11 am

Where: Digital

Website: Register Here

What is covered? Join Thomas Pühringer MBA, Senior Director Skidata Business Line Parking, Henner Heistermann, founder of Nitrobox and the two Subscription Rebels Lutz Rahn and Ralf Günthner to hear how a small interdisciplinary team was able to transform its products and services from a transactional model to a subscription business model in less than a year using a sophisticated methodology and smart technology.

Who this event is for: This webinar is designed to benefit general managers, product management executives and sales managers as well as finance department management from Skidata’s experience in developing and implementing a subscription-based business model.

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