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Team-Interview: Henoch Feller, Working Student IT-Consulting

Today we had the chance to speak with one of our working students, Henoch, about his experience at Nitrobox, working in a startup, and life outside of work.

Why did you decide to work at a Startup?

I wanted a family-like working environment in which you can add tangible value even as a working student. In addition, working in a startup offers the opportunity to get to know a company holistically and to gain insights that are often intransparent in large companies.

What does your perfect workday look like?

The perfect workday starts with good coffee in the office and is characterized by a sense of achievement and breaks with my colleagues.

Who would you like to swap roles with at Nitrobox for a day?

With our CEO, Henner, because he gets to convince potential customers of our product.

What moment do you celebrate most in your job?

When a project is successfully completed and our own contribution to the product becomes visible and is used by our customers.

What does your perfect “Feierabend” look like?

The perfect end of the day is usually on a Friday and can be spent with friends.

How do you clear your head after a day at work?

The best way for me is to work out in the gym or read a good book to clear my head.


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