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Webinar: How to efficiently monetize and invoice software products

Presented by:

Henner Heistermann, CEO & Co-founder,Nitrobox GmbH & Kathrin Heckmair, Director Sales DACH, Thales

About this Webinar:

This webinar will explain how license management and subscription management work together to drive business value, whether you are looking to modernize your software licensing or create a totally new digital product. 

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Digital solutions providers already recognize the importance of software monetization in achieving growth and maintaining a competitive edge.  
However, the tools commonly employed for this purpose, whether off-the-shelf or proprietary, often fall short. They often function as specific, isolated solutions, or lack scalability, or ultimately lead to dead ends. Additionally, they may be legacy systems not build for modern business. 
What is needed is an end-to-end solution that seamlessly combines robust license management with automated contract management and invoicing, which is where Thales and Nitrobox can help. Their integrated approach addresses the key challenges of software monetization and opens up new avenues for success.
Join our joint webinar with Thales and Nitrobox to discover:
  • The immense possibilities, advantages, and added value provided by our combined software licensing and subscription management solution.
  • Strategies to overcome the limitations of your current licensing and marketing approaches.
  • How to cultivate satisfied customers, promote transparent software usage, boost revenue generation, and optimize your digital product marketing.
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