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Smart finance services for future-oriented mobility concepts

The Whitepaper

This whitepaper provides an overview of trends and developments concerning the ever-exciting topic „new mobility“ – including answers to the question of why smart monetization technologies will become a necessary success factor for future-oriented business ideas in terms of tomorrow’s mobility.


Content overview

Introduction: The mobility market is on fire

Smart city is getting in shape – including a new way of mobility. Get first insights into to the dynamic changes of tomorrow’s mobility market and why pioneering ideas and innovative technologies play an important role.

Challenge: Complex transactions

The ability to flexibly adapt to customers‘ needs and wishes is a crucial part of successful new mobility concepts. Which effects this will have on the company’s financial processes and why currently existing systems have reached their limits.

Solution: Cloud-based Smart Finance platform

Being flexible and scalable are the pillars of a successful digitization strategy. An idea that just as well applies to offering future-proof mobility solutions. Learn how a cloud-based monetization platform can help solving key challenges.

Added value: Flexibility for new mobility

Short time-to-market, fast sales-cycles and flexible adaptability to dynamic market conditions are business must-haves. Find out how to get your new-mobility-solution going by using the Nitrobox-platform.

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