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GoCardless - Manage recurring payments with Nitrobox and offer a variety of direct debit payment options

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What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is a payment gateway that specializes in direct debit payments. The company was founded in 2011 by Hiroki Takeuchi, Tom Blomfield, and Matt Robinson, and is headquartered in London.

GoCardless capabilities and features

GoCardless simplifies recurring payment management, streamlining the collection of subscription fees, invoices, and installment payments. Its user-friendly platform integrates seamlessly with over 200 of the world’s most popular accounting, CRM, and billing software solutions.

Focusing on Direct Debit payments, GoCardless supports Bacs, SEPA, and BECS schemes, accommodating a range of regional requirements. The platform’s robust security measures adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring the safe handling of sensitive data.

GoCardless offers a transparent, predictable pricing structure for finance operations professionals with no hidden fees. Its intuitive dashboard provides real-time insights into payment statuses, simplifying the tracking and management of transactions.

GoCardless also offers powerful reporting and analytics tools, enabling businesses to monitor their cash flow and make informed decisions. Customizable notifications and automated payment retries help companies minimize failed transactions and improve collection success rates.

Getting started with GoCardless

Onboarding with GoCardless is straightforward. Businesses simply need to sign up for an account, configure their settings, and can then begin accepting Direct Debit payments. GoCardless offers comprehensive resources to ensure a smooth integration experience, including API documentation, guides, and support articles.

Summary of GoCardless

GoCardless focuses on Direct Debit solutions, streamlining recurring payment management for global finance operations professionals. It offers seamless integrations, robust security measures, transparent pricing, and powerful analytics tools. These make GoCardless an ideal solution for businesses seeking an efficient and reliable payment partner.

Businesses can seamlessly adopt GoCardless to enhance their financial operations thanks to the platform’s streamlined onboarding process, wealth of resources, and ongoing support.

Full Nitrobox + GoCardless integration details soon to follow...

Check back soon for the complete details of the Nitrobox + GoCardless integration. We will cover:

  • How our software integrates with the payment gateway
  • What aspects are transferred.
  • What data is most commonly transferred between systems, like parameters, values, key pairs…
  • What is the effort to integrate the payment gateway with Nitrobox. What is required? What steps? 

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What our customers say

We develop the necessary financial architecture together with Nitrobox to be able to offer different billing models for Porsche Connect and Smart Mobility services – from time- or volume-based approaches to subscriptions.

In addition to the flexible adaptation and integration options of the platform, we were particularly impressed by the Nitrobox team with their visionary focus.

Stefan Zerweck
COO at Porsche Digital

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