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Retail & ecommerce

Ecommerce subscriptions and scalable order billing

Ecommerce is part of the fabric of life. It makes the lives of millions of people easier with goods delivered to your door at the click of a button or arriving in your inbox with the swipe of a thumb. 

For retailers, brands and manufacturers, traditional value chains are now confined to the history books. Direct-to-customer business models are now wining traction with mass customization. Digital products and global coverage are the future for every type of company.

Building global digital commerce

Flexible yet scalable finance processes are essential in a digital world. Here’s what they offer:

  • Sell through marketplaces and platforms
  • Integrate new payment channels and methods
  • Low transaction costs due to automation
  • Risk management based on debtor data
  • Meet worldwide demand through internationalization to Europe, the Americas, Asia or Africa.

Payments, billing and accounting challenges

For roll-out managers and finance officers, worldwide commerce holds some serious challenges, such as how to:

  • Automate payments, billing and accounting for digital transactions
  • Manage and rate potentially millions of debtors
  • Deal with a multitude of languages and currencies
  • Operate at low profits from microtransactions
  • Adhere to worldwide regulation and compliance
  • Roll-out finance operations to countries worldwide.

How Nitrobox can help

The Nitrobox order to cash platform is your all-singing-all-dancing solution to set up and run your finance operations for multiple businesses in one place. Providing all the necessary building blocks to model and automate pricing, billing, revenue management, debtor operations and monthly closing with efficiency and speed.

Leaving you the time and flexibility to concentrate on your company’s strategic goals and allowing a better work-life balance for your staff.

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Outstanding growth is achieved by those who build their digital commerce and direct-to-customer business on a global scale