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Our story

Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform

We’re turning your ideas into revenue

Hi, we’re Nitrobox

Located in the heart of Europe

Based in Hamburg, Germany and Cracow, Poland, we operate on a global level and collaborate with clients from more than 70 countries around the world. That makes us proud.

When we started building Nitrobox, our vision was to create a flexible, scalable, state-of-the-art monetizing software company. But business plans and technical requirements are only the start of it.


... and serving markets worldwide

At Nitrobox, we believe in people, talent and a team spirit of commitment and enthusiasm. Together, we’re rethinking standards, striving for new ideas and pushing ourselves to go the extra mile.

Because we love what we`re doing – and we love to inspire our clients with a smart technology, that enables them to solve real life problems.


International monetization delivered

Nitrobox' clients are using the platform to automate order-to-cash processes in more than 70 countries around the world

What we do at Nitrobox

Challenging the status quo

Agile and automated billing processes

 If you want to establish a new digital business model on the market, you need one thing above all in addition to a good idea: flexible monetization structures.

Traditional ERP, accounting and billing systems were not made for today’s increasingly complex digital businesses.

But challenging the status quo is part of our company DNA, so we decided to push the boundaries of what’s possible, when it comes to monetizing digital products at speed.

One central platform

The Nitrobox technology brings together all the necessary functions for mapping financial processes for just any business model within a central platform anywhere in the world – in real time.

By using Nitrobox technology, our customers achieve top-line growth through recurring revenues and benefit from a shorter time-to-market.


Enabling digital business models worldwide

Subscriptions, usage based or any hybrid model

Nitrobox is enterprise-ready cloud software that is made for the monetization of sophisticated monetization models and automation of order-to-cash processes.

The great flexibility of processes, the exact implementation of business rules and the easy use of templates enable our customers to carry out international rollouts within a few weeks.

Highly scalable & secure

Due to our platform‘s high scalability, the number of microtransactions can be increased rapidly, enabling unlimited business development. A dynamic that is crucial for promising ideas, in order to establish them sustainably on the market.

And best of all: Our Nitrobox technology can not only be quickly and easily connected to your existing IT architecture, it also meets the highest requirements for data protection and IT compliance.


Take a look at our Nitrobox benefits

Revenue growth​

Achieve top-line growth with recurring revenues and reduced time-to-market

Customer centricity

Increase customer lifetime value by ensuring great customer experience


Reduce operational cost and increase efficiency with fully automated processes


Maximize business agility with real-time changes in offers and processes

Connectivity & security​

Push digital transformation with our open API, ecosystem and ISO 27001 certification and GDPR conformity


Rely on our delivery experts, partners, support and training program

Meet the Nitrobox founders

Nitrobox Geschäftsführung / Henner Heistermann (CEO) und Sven Grimminger (CTO)

Henner Heistermann

CEO & Co-Founder

Sven Grimminger

CTO & Co-Founder

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