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Manufacturing & IoT

Nitrobox for Manufacturing and and IoT monetization solutions

Servitization and Equipment-as-a-Service with Nitrobox

Transform and monetize your business with recurring and pay-per-use business models

More than just a digital transformation – For companies working in the field of manufacturing and IoT smart digital business models are part of their innovation roadmap.
But monetizing new ideas entail a lot of challenges across all departments, especially when inflexible legacy IT is involved. This is where Nitrobox helps.

Use your IoT data and turn it into new revenue streams

In a world of IoT intelligent machines deliver data, that are the building blocks of innovative business models. Expand your existing business areas to these new revenue streams and monetize your individual industry business strategy by:


Output-based services​

Calculate and bill your IoT data across various metrics and price models, such as per unit, by volume or with additional services:

Servitization and Equipment-as-a-Service is this easy with Nitrobox

Nitrobox converts machine data into billable data. Depending on the required billing cycle (days, months,etc.), invoices, credit notes etc. are created automatically by Nitrobox.

Nitrobox manages and processes all payments and posts the data according to the individually modeled booking rules as an independent subledger. Afterwards the finished financial reporting is transferred to the manufacturer’s ERP / general ledger.

The benefits of a servitized business




Nitrobox: A strong enterprise software partner at your side

Enhance your legacy IT with Nitrobox

When designing new digital business models in the field of servitization and equipment-as-a-service , legacy ERP systems very often prove to be a show stopper. Companies face large-scale IT projects, when instead agility, flexibility and scalability are needed.

This is where Nitrobox comes into play. The Nitrobox solution is an enterprise-grade cloud software (SaaS) for managing sophisticated monetization models such as pay-per-use – in real time and adaptable to any market.

One central platform for agile and automated billing processes

The Nitrobox Monetization Platform can easily be integrated into existing backend systems such as SAP – enabling companies to roll out their new monetization strategies within weeks.

Adapting unlimited monetization strategies, convergent billing and payment automation are only a few of the many capabilities, that are combined in this smart platform. It is fast, reliable, and secure – and helps you overcome the inflexibility of legacy backend systems.

Increase order-to-cash efficiency up to


Shorten the time-to-revenue to

6 weeks

Increase business agility


Reduce TCO up to


Nitrobox core product capabilities

Unique product

Nitrobox provides a unique cloud platform enabling unrivaled flexibility and scalability in set-up and automation of monetization processes.


IoT Monetization strategy

Model your monetization strategy with unlimited options: subscriptions, usage-based, one-time or hybrid. Execute changes in real-time and deploy within minutes.


Revenue recognition

Fully automatic revenue recognition including deductions, tax or refunds. Manage subledgers, debtors, accounts and financial reporting.


Contract management

Manage contracts from creation to fulfillment. Respond to changes in real-time and manage the whole process in one single platform.


Convergent billing

Convergent billing in any language, currency and layout. Connect any type of data for usage rating and dynamic pricing.


Payment automation

Integrate any payment provider or bank account. Automated processing of chargings, refunds and settlements.


Nitrobox to take with you

Nitrobox fact sheet

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