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Nitrobox Professional Services

A committed partner for your Nitrobox implementation projects

Our Professional Services expertise

Nitrobox Professional Services enables our clients to automate complex billing processes and quickly bring innovative offerings to market by using the Nitrobox Platform in the best possible way. Our experienced team is based in Germany and Europe and provides support and consulting globally. ​

1. Consulting

Our experts thoroughly analyze and scope your billing and monetization needs, then craft a solution with our platform that fits your requirements and challenges

2. Delivery

Our streamlined process ensures a quick, hassle-free integration of our software into your current systems, allowing for a seamless transition without disruptions

3. Optimization

Iterate, optimize, and overcome hurdles preventing your business's scalability and foster sustained growth and operational efficiency


Build an implementation plan with confidence

Nitrobox's experts work with you to get the most out of our flexible monetization and billing software. We are there with you through the complete process from ideation to execution.

Our Services:

Assess your current setup
Identify opportunities for improvement
Prepare individualized solutions

What makes us different

Implementation speed

Nitrobox Professional Services emphasizes a fast time to value (TTV), with many projects going from ideation to launch in 3 months

Customer satisfaction

We treat our customers as partners, share best practices freely, and don't wait for things to happen, but take initiative to solve problems

Quality of work

Our team is EU-based, speaks native German & English, and has extensive experience in the complete billing and monetization process

Nitrobox billing screenshot with integrations

Hit the ground running with the Nitrobox Platform

Our experts work with you to configure the Nitrobox Platform, educate you on how to best use it, and start driving value as quickly as possible.

Our Services:

Optimize & Improve

Scale your business with Nitrobox support

We help you fine-tune your billing processes for local and international markets, build digital offerings that will delight your varying customer groups, and offer help with compliance.

Our services:

Meet a selection of our Professional Services team

Our team brings decades of experience in billing, monetization, and subscription business models across a variety of industries like software, eMobility, manufacturing, and more.
Photo of Petter Halström head of professional services at nitrobox

Petter Hallstrom

Head of Professional Services

Christian Gärtner

Senior Consultant

Alex Küchler

Senior IT Consultant

Ancana Paketharan

IT Consultant

Kiriaki Emmanouilidou

IT Consultant / Information Security

Germo Goerke

Germo Goerke

Senior Solution Consultant

Pascal Schilling

IT Consultant

Our project approach

How we work with you

Step 1

Get in touch

Contact our sales team by scheduling a demo or reach out directly to get in touch.

Step 2

Scope the project

Discuss with our subject matter experts to define the scope of the project, identifying key requirements, goals, and timelines for a tailored solution.

Step 3

Project kickoff

Launch the project with a structured kickoff meeting, ensuring alignment on objectives, roles, and expectations to set the foundation for a successful collaboration.

Step 4

Deliver value & get results

Our team will work diligently to implement, customize, and optimize your Nitrobox setup, ensuring you see tangible value and achieve the desired results.

Step 6

Iterate & innovate

Continuously refine and enhance the solution based on feedback and evolving needs, fostering a culture of innovation to keep your SaaS implementation at the forefront of industry standards.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get in touch with the professional services team?

Our professional services team is available to our clients Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm CET. They can be reached at +49 (0)40 605 906 309 or 

How can I reach professional services if I need urgent support?

We offer premium services and support outside of our regular business hours. Clients should reach out directly to their designation success manager. 

What kind of certifications does the professional services team have?

Nitrobox is ISO 27001 certified. Our professional services team has taken courses and has certifications across the scope of customer relationships management and enterprise resource planning. Our individual team members have certifications and training in SAP, Salesforce, HubSpot, Basware, Adyen, Avalara, and more. 

What is the pricing model for Nitrobox Professional Services?

Projects can be time & material or fixed price – always depending on the project and if the scope is clear

Will the professional services team also do the configuration of the Nitrobox platform?


Will the professional services team also integrate Nitrobox into other systems?

We typically support integrations of Nitrobox into many other software (via API), but we do not build and maintain custom interfaces. We have an extensive partner network for custom interfaces and connectors outside the scope of Nitrobox. Here is our list of partners