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Subscription management for SaaS and Software

Nitrobox subscription management for SaaS enables you to boost revenues by creating subscription or recurring offers your customers will love, in any market, seamlessly

Software & SaaS

Subscription billing and recurring revenue billing for SaaS and software companies

Today’s software customers expect demand-oriented services that meet their needs perfectly – from try-before-you-buy programs (trials), to modular subscription options, add-ons, demand-driven up- and downgrades, and flexible contract terms. Companies are deploying X-as-a-service (XaaS) as fast as new pricing models emerge to meet advancing customer sentiment. 

This transition from perpetual licence sales strategies to offering complex Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as recurring pricing models (subscriptions and pay-per-use) involves a great strategic, financial and personnel effort. Regardless, over half of SaaS businesses plan on changing their business model over the next year to keep up.


Nitrobox’s recurring billing solution is purpose-built for SaaS & Software. It enables you to configure sophisticated models and launch new products, of any complexity, in a variety of system architectures. 

Build innovative software products and set subscription, pay-per-use, on-demand, bundled, or hybrid pricing models with ease. Plus, we’ll help you get up and running in your target market(s) in weeks.

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A leading recurring billing solution built for your business today and tomorrow

The more products you offer or markets you want to enter, the more likely your billing scenarios will get complicated. That’s why it’s essential to find a solution that matches your business. 

This is exactly where Nitrobox meets your expectations. We enable you to stay agile with your billing systems with our flexible billing automation and subscriber lifecycle management solutions – and we help you  monetize any complex digital business models, in any market, with ease:

Nitrobox features for SaaS billing systems at a glance:

Managing a Software business model with Nitrobox: This is how it works

Nitrobox acts as a smart subleder. It manages subscription contracts, recurring billing automation, recurring payments, accounting and tax, and revenue recognition. It further orchestrates the financial interactions between software company, customers and payment providers.

Afterwards, Nitrobox hands over the financial reporting to the general ledger of your software company.

Nitrobox can be easily integrated via API into your existing ERP or backend systems such as SAP, which enables you to roll-out your software monetization strategy within weeks instead of months or even years.

Nitrobox core product capabilities

Subscription Management

Build unlimited subscription plans, usage-based or transactional models and manage your subscribers from signup to renewal within one central subscription management software

Billing Automation

Streamline and scale your finance operations with agile billing automation and recurring billing management, and always stay in control with an intelligent invoicing system

Payment Management

With Nitrobox payment management, optimize payment strategies effortlessly to provide customers with their preferred payment methods and terms

Lifecycle Management

Manage contracts from creation to fulfillment. Respond to changes in real-time and manage the whole process in one single platform.


Accounting & Tax

Manage your revenues from record to report, set smart posting rules, and handle any number of subscribers effortlessly.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate custom financial reports and subscription analytics. Configure custom dashboards. Submit financial reporting in one click via Nitrobox API

What's to gain for your teams?


Sales/Go to Market

IT Architecture

The Nitrobox Billing & Monetization Platform

Enhance your IT architecture with Nitrobox and launch unlimited business models

When buying these new SaaS offerings, customers benefit from operational (OPEX) instead of capital expenses (CAPEX), but for the software company, the management and billing of those services becomes much more complicated.

When designing new digital software business models, legacy ERP systems very often prove to be a tremendous hurdle. Software companies face large-scale IT projects, when instead agility, flexibility and scalability are needed.

This is where Nitrobox supports your business. The Nitrobox solution is an enterprise-grade, cloud software as a service (SaaS) for managing sophisticated monetization models – in real time and adaptable to any market. It is dynamic and flexible enough to have both the core functions required of a complete billing solution and the ease of connectivity and agility to not limit your go to market plans with endless billing system improvements. Get set up once and you’re ready to go. 

One central platform for agile and automated billing processes

We know every business’s tech stack is unique. That’s why the Nitrobox Order to Cash Platform can easily be integrated into existing backend systems -such as SAP – enabling companies to roll out their new SaaS products within weeks.

It is fast, reliable, secure – and helps you overcome the inflexibility of legacy backend systems.

Flexible orchestration of your order-to-cash process