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Nitrobox Benefits: an Agile Monetization Platform

Fast time-to-revenue

Reduce the time to first revenue by 10x

In times of global competition, time-to-market is one of the most important success factors for new on-demand business models. With Nitrobox, the monetization of new services can start as soon as possible after development.

Maximum flexibility

Designed for complex digital business models

Anyone who wants to establish a complex digital business model on the market needs one thing above all: flexible monetization structures. Nitrobox offers maximum freedom for the monetization of new digital business models.

High scalability

Grow to millions of microtransactions with ease

The scalability of a digital business model is a decisive factor for business success. Nitrobox offers growing business models the necessary scope for their dynamic growth.


Automation and efficiency

Low transaction costs for maximum success

Whether high complexity in billing, microtransactions with margins in the amount of cents or processing of millions of transactions within minutes: With Nitrobox, the challenges of new digital business models can be mastered in an instant.

Easy integration

Be easily connected via latest APIs and a strong partner network

Designed as a smart SaaS technology, the Nitrobox Order to Cash Platform can be easily integrated into your already existing IT infrastructure via the latest APIs, high-performance technologies, and microservices architecture.

Future proof

Always one step ahead of customer expectations and regulations with Nitrobox

Whether new tax regulations, changed customer requirements, model changes or new payment methods: a financial system must be agile and flexible in order to be successful in the future.

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