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Discover new revenue streams

Leverage your finance data to find new revenue potential

Data is the holy grail for business entrepreneurs. It holds opportunities for growth, to avoid risk and to gain valuable insight into how your customers tick and how they might act in the future. 

When it comes to your contracts, subscriptions, usage and debtor data there is massive value hidden inside. Most businesses struggle to exploit these hidden treasures because of sealed off data silos and poor accessibility. In layman’s terms, because your business information is held in a myriad of different places – from a shared network folder to a staff member’s head, a customer database to a physical file in someone’s in-tray. 

The Nitrobox monetization platform is the solution

We believe in democratized data within organizations so that people are empowered to dig out these hidden treasures, discover new revenue potentials or solve tough problems on their own. 

The Nitrobox platform can provide all the data needed in one place via an application program interface (API)

Giving you the following benefits: