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Scale up your business

Growing from hundreds to billions of transactions

When digital businesses are built, they usually start small and lean, but have the ambition to expand fast. But the problems start when transaction numbers grow at breakneck speed. 

While a few hundred transactions per month can be handled manually, when transactions hit thousands a day, it’s a different story and time to rub shoulders with the big boys and girls.

For companies with the potential for hypergrowth, the time from start-up to scaling up high takes just months or weeks, so it is imperative to set-up monetization operations on a scalable basis from the beginning. Billing, accounting, payments management will otherwise hinder the process of hypergrowth and endanger liquidity.

The Nitrobox monetization platform is the solution

Build for fast-growing companies, the Nitrobox platform was designed to help businesses deal with the challenges of hypergrowth and scaling up. Nitrobox technology combines all the necessary capabilities to automate monetization processes within one central platform. Extreme flexibility in processes, business rules and templates enable fast adaption to edge cases (extreme operating scenarios) and optimizations (finding cost-effective alternatives).