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Oviva Success Story

Automated billing for a fast-growing healthcare startup

The Customer

Oviva is an innovative nutrition and health service combining personalized dietary advice with a unique digital app to provide its users with individual support for targeted dietary changes. 

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The Challenge

As Oviva grew, they realized their existing billing and invoicing systems were insufficient to keep pace with the company’s development without additional headcount and much more efficient use of existing resources.

The new billing and invoicing solution had to solve the following challenges to pave the way for the successful scaling and expansion of Oviva's services:

Improve Financial Operations:

Quick Implementation:

Ensure Compliance

Expand Business Scope:

The Solution

Oviva’s market research team was struck by Nitrobox’s combination of highly scalable, efficient features and a strong focus on compliance. It not only provides solutions for the Oviva billing requirements (including an international outlook), but also enabled a quick implementation. The implementation of the Nitrobox solution resulted in clearing a large backlog of invoices in a very short time, optimizing cash flow, and decreasing employee workload.

After Oviva decided to work with the Nitrobox Platform for scaling their billing and invoicing process, they were supported by a team of Nitrobox solutions architects.

Within 8 weeks Oviva’s tech team was able to integrate the Nitrobox Platform and manage its German business:

The Benefits

As a dynamic monetization solution, Nitrobox automates Oviva’s billing processes, enabling scaling, expansion, and billing of innovative, industry-leading digital health applications (DiGA) in multiple markets.

All relevant billing data is pushed into Nitrobox automatically. New orders, invoice creation, payment reconciliation, settlements, and reports are now automated in one platform.

With this dramatic reduction in manual effort, Oviva’s finance team can work efficiently within the user-friendly Nitrobox Webportal, and can now view all business models, contracts, invoices, payments, and bookings in real time. Nitrobox enabled Oviva to:

Improve scalability: 

Save Resources: 

Reduce Risk:

About Oviva

Oviva is a pacesetting healthtech startup supporting patients to live healthier and happier lives. This is achieved by providing the best app-guided programs for changing dietary and lifestyle-related habits.

Their vision is to empower everyone to change their habits, improving their long-term health through personalized support and technology. Oviva partners with health insurers, healthcare systems, and doctors to provide easy access to much-needed care.

Founded in 2014 in Switzerland, Oviva is now a scaling multinational organization with offices across Switzerland, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Learn more about Oviva:

About Nitrobox

Nitrobox is an innovative SaaS solution, helping enterprises scale their complex revenue processes and manage smart billing and pricing models, such as subscriptions, pay-per-use, digital one-time transactions, or any hybrid model.

Nitrobox provides all order-to-cash capabilities in one central platform ranging from smart contracts, billing and invoicing, and revenue recognition to payments and dunning.

Based in Germany, Nitrobox operates globally and collaborates with clients from more than 70 countries worldwide, enabling them to achieve top-line growth while reducing costs and increasing customer lifetime value by ensuring great customer billing and payment experience.

Learn more about the Nitrobox billing and monetization platform


Download the detailed case study here:

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