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Revenue Accounting & Tax Automation

Stay on top of your revenues and eliminate manual work thanks to smart automation

Manage your recurring and transactional revenues from record to report, set smart posting rules for revenues, payments, and taxes, and handle any number of debtors effortlessly

Keep track of your accounting and stay on top of things with directly actionable insights

Let Nitrobox do the work thanks to automated and accurate revenue recognition and bookings

Beat the closing date effortlessly thanks to continuous real-time bookings of revenues and taxes

Monetize digital business models around the globe

Manage and adapt your individual booking rules

Be efficient with automated revenue recognition

Real-time debtor accounts​

Side-ledger automation

Automated deferrals bookings

Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform

As individual as your business model and highly scalable

Model individual booking rules

If you plan to launch a new digital business model, you need an IT architecture, that is able to manage highly complex and individual booking cases.

Instead of adapting the existing legacy IT in lengthy projects, the Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform can be quickly and easily connected to the existing IT infrastructure using the latest API.

This reduces the time-to-market many times over and highly complex business cases can be automated within minutes.

Scaling up to millions

Companies are faced with major challenges in the areas of accounts receivable management and accounting, when it comes to processing real-time bookings, microtransactions and thousands of booking cases within a very short time.

The Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform is a high-performance solution that solves exactly these kinds of challenges.

Accounts receivable and transactions can be conveniently scaled in the millions and booked automatically – in real time and in any currency.

Features of the Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform at a glance

Automatic revenue recognition

Payments, tax, discounts or ancillary costs for money transactions are automatically entered correctly in the standard account framework or according to individually specified logic.

Booking of invoices and credit notes​

Invoices and credit notes are correctly booked according to the standard or to individually defined rules – also to cost centers, revenue accounts and various sales channels.

Flexible business rules​

If necessary, you can manually intervene in certain processes and create an automatic rule for the next time.

Monitoring incoming payments​

Whether bank account, credit card or payment provider: The Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform monitors all payment channels for incoming payments or blocked transactions.

Refund and cancellations​

Returns, partial cancellations and complaints are part of e-commerce, the associated processes of which can be processed automatically with the Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform.

Allocation of payments​

The payment comparison of open receivables and incoming payments takes place automatically. Intelligent algorithms ensure a high allocation rate.

Management of the accounts receivable in the subledger​

The Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform keeps accounts receivable in a separate sub-ledger.

Export to the general ledger​

The finished accounts receivable is transferred from the Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform to the general ledger at fixed intervals or as required via API.