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Accounting and Taxes

Stay on top of your revenues and eliminate manual work with smart accounting and taxes for any digital business model

Manage your recurring, transactional, pay-per-use, or other digital-first revenues from record to report, set smart posting rules for revenues, payments, and taxes, and handle any number of debtors effortlessly

Keep track of your accounting and stay on top of things with directly actionable insights

Let Nitrobox do the work with tax automation and accurate revenue recognition and bookings

Beat the closing date effortlessly thanks to continuous real-time bookings of revenues and taxes

Sub-ledger and Chart of Accounts

Set-up and manage multiple accounts

Configure accounts with freedom and flexibility

Define the currency, account type, or tax grouping to match your general ledger accounts, or compose your chart of accounts from scratch with a multi-currency accounting solution. 


screenshot of accounting and tax automation in nitrobox O2C platform
nitrobox order-to-cash platform screenshot of accounting and tax automation feature

Booking Rules

Automate your sub-ledger

Scale revenue accounting without extra manual effort

Create data-driven revenue accounting and tax automation rules, payment, debtor bookings, and financial reporting and analytics.

Revenue Recognition

Manage accruals and deferrals

Ensure accuracy of recognized revenues

Ensure compliance with IFRS, HGB, GAAP, and FASB revenue recognition standards.  

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