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Recurring Billing Automation

Save valuable time with automatic billing and stay in control thanks to intelligent business logic

Manage streamlined billing and invoicing for subscriptions, usage-based and hybrid business models from invoice creation to revenue recovery

Say good bye to time-consuming manual processes due to smart billing automation

Keep your peace of mind: Create accurate invoices and stay in control of the billing process

Stay ahead of ever-changing billing requirements due to highly flexible invoicing

Discover the powerful feature set for smooth billing operations

Smart billing

Flexible invoicing

International taxation

Compliant archiving

Automated dunning

Smart billing

Manage billing for subscriptions, usage based and hybrid business models

Digital business models and subscriptions require a new type of billing software. Made for the challenges of usage rating, recurring billing and electronic invoicing, Nitrobox Agile Monetization Platform provides a state-of-the art cloud solution to automate complex billing scenarios – in any country, currency, language or layout.

Operate multiple billing models in parallel:

  • Recurring
  • One-time
  • Usage based
  • Hybrid

Implement any business model within the shortest possible time:

  • Use Business Segments to manage multiple brands, business units or product lines within one tenant
  • Define custom business logic for aggregation, separation or grouping of billable items
  • Chose from various document output types, e.g. invoices, deposit invoices, closing invoices, credit notes, commission statements
  • Combine purchases, vouchers, discounts in one document

Opening up national and international markets​ and roll out products and services internationally:

  • Multi tenant systems to manage multiple legal entities or business lines
  • Billing in any number of languages and currencies incl. currency conversion


Flexible invoicing

Design individual pixel perfect invoice templates and integrate complex business logic

Enjoy customized invoicing from super flexible layout design to individual data presentation and aggregation

  • Customizable layouts according to document type, business segment, etc.
  • Free page design and page layout
  • Individual design of frame templates
  • Any attachments, e.g. for individual statements
  • Unlimited free text fields
  • Integration of graphics incl. QR code
  • Individual display of invoice items, e.g. listing or accumulation of individual values
  • Summary of orders (collective invoice)
  • Individual templates for customer segments such as B2B and B2C
  • Custom templates for multi-brand models such as different brands or online shops
  • Individual templates for business areas such as countries, country groups, offer areas and more

International taxation

Implement tax rules and tax providers easily and make adjustments in record time

Define tax rules for countries, markets and customer types. Create invoices automatically for any market and realize a fast time-to-revenue, when entering new markets.
  • A smart, configurable set of rules helps you implement your tax rules
  • Adapt tax changes in your set of rules within minutes
  • Display tax codes for systems such as SAP
  • Connect your tax providers easily
  • Per country and region
  • Per product type
  • Per customer type
  • and many more

Compliant document archiving

Store your documents legally compliant for 70+ countries

Archive your documents legally compliant with Nitrobox or have your receipts delivered to customer archives or third-party systems by Nitrobox.
  • Legally compliant document archiving in more than 80 countries
  • Adherence to archiving deadlines for the respective country (compliance)
  • Immutability of documents
  • Web portal access for auditing
  • API access to handle documents in third party systems

Automated dunning

Manage receivables and reduce DSO with automated dunning and collections

Reduce outstanding accounts (DSO) and avoid revenue losses: Remind your customers automatically of outstanding receivables and manage your individual dunning system. Define multi-level dunning processes, rules and customer contact – creating templates and layouts according to your wishes and CI.

  • Define dunning intervals (date)
  • Define dunning types (payment reminder, 1st reminder, 2nd reminder etc.)
  • Define dunning form (e-mail, document etc.)
  • Create individual and rule-based claims processes according to customer groups
  • Address your customers individually according to defined customer groups
  • Customize layouts and page design

Collect outstanding receivables faster through automatic transfer to connected collection agencies.