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The highest level of information security: Nitrobox receives TISAX® certification

The highest level of information security: Nitrobox receives TISAX certification.

Hamburg, March 13, 2024 – Nitrobox has successfully passed the TISAX® assessment and received the corresponding certification. The subscription management experts have thus proven that they meet the high information security requirements that apply within the automotive industry and beyond. The certification was awarded following a thorough examination by accredited TISAX® assessment service providers. 

In today’s world, where cyber risks are constantly increasing, information security has taken on unprecedented importance for companies – including in the automotive industry. Against this background, more and more customers are demanding reliable evidence of robust information security from their service providers and are also selecting potential business partners with this in mind. 

Guarantee for maximum information security

The TISAX® standard (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) plays a central role in this context. TISAX® is a further development of the international ISO 27001 standard, whereby the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and the ENX Association have expanded the standard requirements to include specific elements of the automotive industry. These include data protection and the protection of prototypes. 

Nitrobox, a company that has already achieved ISO 27001 certification, is a prime example of the integration of compliance changes that are specifically tailored to the needs of different markets. Great importance is attached to compliance with the highest IT security standards. 

Advanced security concepts for digital business models

With the increasing digitalization of the automotive industry and the development of vehicles into technologically advanced devices that can be personalized almost like smartphones, the industry is facing a fundamental change. Automotive companies are challenged to evolve from traditional manufacturers to comprehensive mobility service providers and to develop new digital business models in the process. This requires the implementation of advanced security concepts.

One such concept is “Bring Your Own Key” (BYOK), which Nitrobox offers its customers. BYOK enables encrypted data storage on cloud provider platforms, whereby the key is not generated and managed by the provider, but directly by the customer. This offers a higher level of security and strengthens trust in the confidentiality and integrity of the data. 

By achieving TISAX certification, Nitrobox impressively demonstrates its commitment to the highest standards of security and quality of service. It reinforces Nitrobox’s position as a trusted and reliable partner, both within the automotive industry and in other industries that value secure and advanced digital solutions. 

"With Nitrobox, companies can manage complex billing and pricing models that include subscriptions as well as pay-per-use models and digital one-time transactions. In addition to flexibility and scalability, the security of all data is at least as critical to our customers' competitiveness. We are therefore all the more pleased to have demonstrated our commitment to information security with the TISAX® certification and take the certification as an incentive to continue to show just as much care coupled with technical expertise."
Henner Heistermann
Co-founder & CEO, Nitrobox

About Nitrobox

Nitrobox’s monetization and billing platform supports companies in automating and scaling complex billing processes in a time- and cost-efficient manner – with solutions for startups to international corporations. The Nitrobox Platform combines all the necessary functions that companies need to monetize digital business models. The aim is to manage the necessary billing and financial processes on a central platform anywhere in the world in real time via the cloud. 

With Nitrobox, companies can manage complex billing and pricing models that include subscriptions, pay-per-use models, or one-time digital transactions. In addition, the company offers full order-to-cash capabilities. Customers benefit overall from reduced time-to-market, faster revenue growth and the development of new revenue streams while reducing costs. 

Nitrobox is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with additional teams in Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin. The global company works with enterprise customers such as Porsche, Commerzbank, Volkswagen and Skidata, as well as emerging startups such as Oviva and Topi.  

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