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E-mobility Specialist Compleo Charging Software counts on Nitrobox billing expertise for Clearing

Compleo Nitrobox partnership press announcement feature image with compleo and nitrobox logos
  • Compleo Charging Software relies on cloud-based billing management for more flexible scaling.

  • This will enable the greentech company to consolidate existing billing strengths and tap into new business models, even in a highly competitive sector.


Hamburg, 7 September 2023. The subscription management experts at Nitrobox have begun cooperation with e-mobility company Compleo Charging Software with immediate effect. The product portfolio of Compleo Charging Software includes a wide range of solutions for controlling and marketing charging stations which are used, for example, to manage billing between charge point operators (CPO) and e-mobility service providers (EMSP). This e-mobility platform is now connected with Nitrobox to settle complex pay-per-use processes transparently and securely.

The Challenge: Demanding Billing Requirements

E-mobility presents several billing solution challenges for Compleo Charging Software. These challenges include managing the growing number of daily transactions, operating its own roaming platform eMarketplace, billing various players in e-mobility, and continuously developing new business models. For example, in addition to the charging points connected directly in the Compleo backend via OCPP, charging transactions are also managed at over 200,000 charging points connected via various roaming platforms and peer-to-peer connections. In the process, Compleo handles all billing processes for its customers, from invoicing the EMSP to paying out all the credit for the marketed charging current to the CPO.

Implement Scaling with Flexibility

Until now, a well-functioning legacy system reliably handled these billing processes, but its rigid structure required a great deal of change effort, especially for further scaling and internationalization projects. In contrast, the cloud based Nitrobox platform is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. In addition to processing complex pay-per-use billing, the system also allows any number of national currencies, tax rates, and languages to be added in a very short time.

Staying in the Fast Lane in the E-mobility Sector

Nitrobox positions us to meet the requirements of digital transformation within billing processes optimally, no matter how complicated, and enables us to react quickly to changes, particularly regarding the global market. From our point of view this ensures a higher quality of the individual user experience – with advantages for further monetization of our services,” explains Philipp Nobis, Head of Product & Partner Management at Compleo.

„With Compleo, we gained a customer that operates in one of the most dynamic markets existing today. This continuously gives rise to innovative business models, such as employee or fleet charging, which we meet with our solution expertise. We are very grateful to Compleo for this opportunity to further develop in the e-mobility space,” says Henner Heistermann, CEO and Co-Founder at Nitrobox.

About Compleo

Compleo Charging Software GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, is part of the KOSTAL Group and one of the leading backend providers of charging technology for electric vehicles in Europe. The company supports its business customers with software for charging infrastructure. Here, open systems and standard protocols enable the success of e-mobility. For example, the Compleo backend is compatible with OCPP-capable charging stations regardless of manufacturer. Compleo’s e-mobility platform offers extensive options for managing charging stations and forms the digital foundation for e-mobility business models.

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About Nitrobox

As an innovative SaaS solution, Nitrobox supports companies and startups in automating and scaling complex billing and monetization processes. In particular, the company manages intelligent billing and pricing models such as subscriptions, pay-per-use, one-time digital transactions, and any hybrid model.

Nitrobox offers all order-to-cash functions in one central platform. They range from smart contracts, billing and invoicing, revenue recognition, to payments and dunning. In this way Nitrobox realizes revenue growth for its customers while reducing costs. In the long term, this maximizes customer loyalty.

Nitrobox is based in Germany with its head office in Hamburg. The company operates globally and works with enterprise customers such as Porsche, Commerzbank, Volkswagen, and Skidata, and fast-growing startups like Oviva and Topi.

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