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Recording - Webinar & Tech Demo

Monetizing Electric Charging Services and Infrastructure

Webinar & Demo

Learn in this presentation and tech demo how billing, payment and accounting work:

What capabilities are needed to monetize e-mobility, how does a state-of-the-art monetization tech-stack look like and how can it be integrated into your IT-strukture.


Introduction and overview

Monetizing e-charging services for electric vehicles can be challenging: Roaming, multinational B2C-Billing, seamless Payments and many aspects more - all need to be integrated.

Demo: How a monetization tech-stack looks like and how it works

We show the key elements of a state-of-the-art tech stack and how to control monetization processes via API. In addition to payment and account automation, we will lern how individual business rules can be set up for customers and how to model templates for different contracts and tariffs.

Tips from the experts

Implementation, best practices and how to overcome common challenges.


Answers to all questions after the demo.

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