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Our Company Culture - we take pride in Nitrobox

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Our motivations and values


It's not only the mind that counts, but the heart too.
We seek to treat each other respectfully, get each other on board and sometimes make compromises.
We believe that together we are stronger.


We want to show commitment through our statements and be consistent in our actions. This means that we are loyal to our customers and colleagues and stick to our agreements.
This requires discipline and mutual trust.


We want to think and act with practicality and creativity to bring about inventive solutions.
We believe that it's only by looking at things from different perspectives that we come up with better ideas.


There is no mutual trust without honesty. We have to be able to rely on our teammates’ statements. Furthermore, honesty means being able to give feedback. Constructive and respectful feedback will help us grow as people and as a company.


We are open to new ideas and see every challenge as an opportunity for positive change.
We also learn from our mistakes and meet other people with confidence and trust.

Family-friendly company

We make room for the personal and the professional and have a holistic approach to how we care for our staff. 

Perks of the job

Personal trainer

Once a week for all who want to keep in shape.

Public transport

Tax-free public transport tickets.

Flexible hours

Work at the times that suit your biorhythm best.

Modern tech

Ergonomic devices and personalized workstations.


Take a hike! You can with our cycle-share scheme.


Money and support to develop your professional skill set.

Team events

Breakfasts, team-building and off-site meetings.


Working at home, flexible hours and more creature comforts.


Freshly-brewed coffee, tea or herbal stuff. Knock yourself out.

Fresh fruits

Delivered by the lovely grocer across the street.

Pension plan

Tax-free funding to boost your pension plan.

Dog friendly

Woof! Your best friend is welcome at our office (allergies permitting).

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