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Nitrobox clients:


“By selecting Nitrobox as our new, highly flexible billing technology, we made a conscious decision to choose the product of a German company. Due to the work with highly sensitive patient data, it was our top priority to rely on a product developed in Germany with very high compliance standards.

Nadine Küss
Teamlead Oviva Accounts Receivable

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“Thanks to Nitrobox, we have not only been able to reduce the time for invoicing from 1.5-13 minutes to a few seconds, reduce the cost per document from 1-3 EUR to cents, but we have also been able to optimize our cash flow as all invoices can be issued on time.”

Wolfgang Schwarz
Oviva Director of Finance

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Nitrobox client success stories

Oviva Success Story

Oviva Success Story Automated billing for a fast-growing healthcare startup The Customer Oviva is an innovative nutrition and health service

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It's a matter of fact

What do 80% of the leading German car manufacturers have in common with a global IT consultancy with 200,000 employees?

They all choose Nitrobox as their trusted partner to power their financial operations.

Our technology stays in the background and so do we. We make sure your company’s monetization processes are top-notch so that you can get on with reaping the rewards.

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