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Meet Thorsten Wittmaack, People & Culture Team at Nitrobox


Thorsten is part of the people team at Nitrobox where, together with Tibbeke, he’s the liaison for all HR topics like recruiting, salaries, vacation, company pension plan, etc. Thorsten is one of the longest-standing colleagues at Nitrobox, starting back in September 2015. After all this time, he really knows Nitrobox and the team inside and out.


Business Topics:

When was a workday a successful day for you?

For me, there are different ways of looking at “success” in everyday life. On one hand, you’re naturally happy when you simply “get a lot done” during the course of the day. That is definitely a feeling of success. But for me, the really good days are characterized by the fact that we have created something valuable for the people at Nitrobox. Like how we’ve developed new ideas and launched new benefits for our colleagues that have a positive impact on our corporate culture. That’s a really successful day for me.


What moment do you “celebrate” the most in your job?

When a project that has been planned for a long time and carefully prepared is actually implemented and it works exactly as you imagined. Then, when you can celebrate this success together with the team, it’s hard to beat. That’s simply fun.


What do you particularly appreciate about your team?

Our team consists of many highly motivated colleagues who not only appreciate each other professionally but also care for each other. That makes working together easier and more successful. That’s why, when recruiting, we always make sure that we not only look at the applicants’ professional qualifications but also at their character traits. We need technically good people who also fit in well with our team.


Why should people work in your team?

Great appreciation and an enormous sense of “WE the team” motivate me anew every day. Who doesn’t like to get to work in the morning motivated and full of energy? If you want to work like that, Nitrobox is definitely the right place for you.


What motivates you the most at work?

A team you can rely on and whose support you can always be sure of. When projects go well and are successful, the motivation goes through the roof.


What freedoms do you value most at Nitrobox?

The freedom to try out new things, to be able to contribute ideas, and to always be allowed to make new experiences. There is no 9 to 5 day with us. It’s just fun.


What does your perfect working day look like?

In pandemic times, a perfect workday is one together with the team in the office. Meeting face-to-face, looking each other straight in the eye in meetings, and being able to discuss and exchange opinions in person again have become very valuable. These days are very productive and therefore just perfect for me.


What does your team do to make Nitrobox successful?

We work together with great joy, motivation, and smart ideas to find the best solutions for our customers. In doing so, we don’t necessarily take the most convenient route or the first-best idea. We look at current challenges from different angles and find the (usually) ideal solution. Okay, sometimes it goes a little in the wrong direction – but the right course is always found quickly!


Outside of work:


What is your greatest passion outside of work?

I like to travel a lot. My heart already beats faster during the planning and preparations. I find new culinary and cultural discoveries the most exciting. I enjoy anything from city breaks across Europe, to long-distance trips to Asia or North America, to relaxing cruises around the world. But there is one country in particular that I have taken to my heart in all this traveling: Spain. I go there several times a year at this point.


What does your perfect day off look like?

Definitely getting up early, a round of sports to wake up, a big breakfast at my favorite restaurant in the harbor, shopping in downtown Hamburg, dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant on the Alster, and then a good glass of Cremant with my best friends at my favorite bar in Winterhunde. Simply great.


What’s the best way to recharge your batteries for work?

On a boat trip on the Doove-Elbe in Hamburg. Just drifting on the calm waters of the Elbe, closing your eyes, and enjoying nature – truly a paradise in the middle of Hamburg.


How do you clear your head after a day at work?

After a busy day, I like to work out at the fitness club and then relax at the spa. After that, I feel like I’ve been reborn.


Do you have a dream that you would like to realize someday? And if so, can you tell us about it?

A big dream of mine is to have my own house or apartment in Spain, near Barcelona, with a large roof garden terrace, and a fantastic view of the sea,  just a few meters from my favorite tapas bar. That would be pure happiness and satisfaction for me.


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