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Press release

Nitrobox expands Management Team: Petter Hallström and Frank Föge drive growth Course forward

Hamburg-based SaaS company Nitrobox fills two key management positions in sales and professional services as they increase their DACH market presence.

Hamburg, 23. March 2023. With Petter Hallström and Frank Föge now in the management team, Nitrobox sends a clear signal of the company’s growth course: to establish Nitrobox as the leading monetization and billing platform in the wider market. The new leaders both move to Nitrobox from management positions at US market leader Zuora.

In his new role as Head of Professional Services, Petter Hallström brings extensive leadership know-how and many years of expertise in subscription management and billing. In this role, he will be responsible for leading and further expanding the Professional Services team. For Nitrobox, his decades of experience are of great value: from experience at Telefónica, Ericsson or Capgemini, and others, he is very familiar with customer-centric billing models and knows how to implement the corresponding software systems within the shortest possible time. Nitrobox customers are the main beneficiaries of this.


"The secret of successful businesses is flexible and demand-driven products, perfectly tailored to the needs of today's consumer. With our powerful solution, Nitrobox ties in perfectly with this requirement. I want to tap into this potential and, together with my team, show our customers how they can automate their sometimes very complex billing processes via Nitrobox within a very short time."
Photo of Petter Halström head of professional services at nitrobox
Petter Hallström
Head of Professional Services, Nitrobox

The appointment of Frank Föge is of equally great strategic importance. Most recently, he was country sales manager and responsible for strategic customers at Zuora. At Nitrobox, he will lead the sales team in his new role as Head of Sales. His goal is to reshape the subscription and monetization landscape and thus raise Nitrobox to the rank of an international market leader. In doing so, Nitrobox benefits not only from Föge’s extensive sales expertise, which he has drawn from various career stations – including at MarkLogic or FIS – but also from his experience in the subscription economy, with which he has been intensively involved for the past five years.

"More and more companies are turning to customer-centric, digital products like subscriptions. For good reason: consumers and businesses now prefer to purchase products that are offered as X as a Service. From a business perspective, this goes hand in hand with complex billing models that require powerful solutions to manage, for example, subscriptions, recurring invoices or payments, in an automated way. In this context, it will be a great pleasure for me to position Nitrobox in the international market, because I am completely convinced of the product. And that's what makes good sales work."
Frank Föge Headshot
Frank Föge
Head of Sales, Nitrobox​
"The start of two such high-ranking and experienced industry experts at Nitrobox marks a milestone in our still young company history. This personnel decision is a clear signal: thanks to our first-class billing platform, we have been growing strongly in the DACH market for years now. And we want to lift this momentum to a global level together with Petter and Frank. To this end, we continue to develop software that has been designed for more than just subscriptions from day one."
Henner Heistermann
Co-founder & CEO, Nitrobox

About Nitrobox

As an innovative SaaS solution, Nitrobox supports companies and startups in automating and scaling complex billing and monetization processes. In particular, the company manages intelligent billing and pricing models such as subscriptions, pay-per-use, one-time digital transactions, and any hybrid models.

Nitrobox offers all order-to-cash functions in a central platform. They range from smart contracts, billing and invoicing to revenue capture, payments and dunning. In this way, Nitrobox realizes revenue growth for its customers while reducing costs. And that maximizes customer loyalty in the long run.

Nitrobox is based in Germany with its head office in Hamburg. The company operates globally and works with enterprise customers such as Porsche, Commerzbank, Volkswagen or Skidata and fast-growing startups such as Oviva or Topi.

Contact: Henner Heistermann, Nitrobox GmbH
Phone: +49 040 605 906 320