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The subscription tool you have been waiting for

The Nitrobox Super Subscriber 9000

Introducing the essential companion for any billing, monetization, or subscriber management software. Subscription management doesn't have to be complicated, with the Nitrobox Super Subscriber 9000, it's as simple as the press of a button. 

Are you ready to experience the future? Discover the Nitrobox Super Subscriber 9000 today!

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Super Subscriber 9000 Key Innovations

Automatic key mapping for all essential subscription management tasks

Sign up, cancel, renew, pause, upgrade, and downgrade. What more does any subscription tool need? The Super Subscriber comes with pre-installed function.

Pre-built API integration and cutting-edge technology

Designed with modern business in mind, the Nitrobox Super Subscriber 9000 model is pre configured to work with the Nitrobox REST API, made from durable materials and features an innovative USB-C port.

Thoughtful notifications

The Super Subscriber 9000 produces a variety of sounds based on subscription changes, so you always know what key to press next! It is permanently set at 80 decibels, so it can be heard clearly from rooms away.

6 Core Functionalities in 6 Simple Keys

Our innovative subscription machine includes the 6 essential tasks of any subscription management system, all neatly bundled in one compact device.

Sign up

whether your new customer wants to buy seats to a saas product, subscribe to a recurring service, or pay in a pay-per-use pricing scheme, the Super Subscriber 9000 knows and takes care of all the complicated configurations for you. 


An essential part of any subscription management system is the ability to renew contracts for your customers. With simple voice commands, you can easily say what the timeframe of renewal is.


Self explanatory, a customer wants to upgrade their service. What that means, how much it costs, and what the customer receives are all automatically configured and decided with the press of a key. 


In the unlikely event a customer churns and either doesn't pay or wants to cancel their contract, it is essential to be prepared for this (uncommon) eventuality. This button comes with a non-configurable timer where all contracts require a 5-second press and hold to guarantee that the contract should actually be discontinued. 


Sometimes customers do not need the service, but they do not want to cancel their subscription relationship, that's where pausing a contract shines.


Like an upgrade, except backwards. Avoid using this whenever possible.

The Nitrobox Super Subscriber 9000

Until now, managing subscriptions and recurring revenue business models has been a tremendously overcomplicated process. There’s a different software for every step in the customer lifecycle from signup to cancellation. 

On top of that, most software can’t handle the complexities of modern business models. We simplify all of it with our latest product – the Nitrobox Super Subscriber 9000. With an easy, automatic (just plug it into your computer) set up and streamlined design, our latest innovation saves you time and hassle. 

Super Subscriber 9000 Specifications

  • 6 velocity-sensitive mechanical keys (the harder/faster you press, the higher the priority the changes)
  • Combination sound/cooling ports
  • USB-C cable and port (class compliant)
  • Includes software package of 30-day free trial to the Nitrobox monetization platform
  • Interchangeable key deck. We offer a variety of alternative keys outside the included starting 6. 
  • Dimensions: 150x100x75 mm
  • Weight: 750g
  • Fabrication Materials: Plastic, stainless steel, copper, composite materials
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year supplier warranty

Expected First-batch release: February 29th 2024
Total number of units in first batch: 100

Simple Maintenance and Upgrades

The Nitrobox Super Subscriber 9000 updates automatically up-to-date with the latest firmware updates. Don’t ask where the network connection is coming from. 

The device is easily dismantled for simple maintenance and cleaning. A seamless design minimizes any trapping of dust or debris, and the keys are easily removed in case of damage or if you are interested in exchanging in some different functionalities. 

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