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Team Interview: Stefanie Hunsbeck, Marketing & Executive Assistant

Why did you decide to work at Nitrobox?

The working environment at Nitrobox is modern, characterized by openness and flat hierarchies. The strong team spirit and the idea of creating something make work a joy and finding motivation is easy. Plus Nitrobox technology is part of an innovative zeitgeist supporting companies to bring novel, customized, and flexible business models to market.

What freedoms do you value most at Nitrobox?

The freedoms I value very highly are the trust-based working hours and the flexibility and individual arrangements of office and home-office days. Also, I appreciate the fact that individual ideas are encouraged and that everyone is involved in the company.

What do you like most about your team and why should people work in your team?

My team at Nitrobox is open, helpful, cheerful, and has a wide range of interests. The team works and discusses in a customer- and result-oriented way, can represent its own opinions, and thus brings Nitrobox a bit further forward every day.

What does your perfect working day look like?

My perfect working day starts with a delicious latte and is a varied mixture of concentrated quiet work, productive meetings with colleagues, a cheerful team lunch, and the good feeling at the end of the day of having done valuable work and being appreciated for it.


What does your perfect day off look like?

My perfect day off starts with an early morning dog walk through the forest, accompanied by a latte in a to-go mug. Next is a delicious breakfast before I jump in the saddle of my horse for a long ride that takes me through woods, across meadows, and fields. The perfect end to the day is a social dinner with friends where we make new plans together.


What is your greatest passion outside of work?

My greatest passions are my dog and my horse and the time we spend together in nature.


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